Special Hearing Event with Hearing Equipment and Repair

Special Hearing Event

Hearing Equipment and Repair is pleased to invite Nationally Known Audiologist and Hearing Aid Expert, Scott Stone, to our offices on:

Tuesday, August 1st - Thursday, August 3rd in Grand Rapids, MN

Nationally Known Hearing Aid Expert, Scott Stone

During this special event, we will be offering the following FREE OF CHARGE:

1. Complete electronic hearing screening by our Licensed Hearing Professional.

2. Ear inspection. We will look inside your ear. It could just be wax!

3. Learn about NOW Hearing Aids. This innovative technology is designed to reduce noise, and preserve speech, even in between syllables. The clarity is unbelievable!

4. If you currently wear hearing instruments, we will clean and check them at no charge during your office visit.

This event will be 3 days only!

Please call early to make an appointment. Appointments will go fast! Be sure to bring a friend or loved one, someone whose voice is familiar to you. Scott Stone, “Nationally Known Audiologist and Hearing Aid Expert,” will be on hand for this event.

Simply call us at (888) 756-7582 to schedule an appointment! Appointments are limited and remember there is no cost for these services during these 3 days! Call office most convenient to you:

P.S. We will be offering tremendous incentives, including financing options, toward the purchase of any NOW hearing aids during this event. Remember appointments are limited so please call today!